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Guilt Free Desserts

Desserts are the dieters Achilles heel. They are by far one of the reasons why so many people break off of their diet and then start to cheat repeatedly. If you could find a way to have your cake and eat it too while on a special diet would you? Of course you would!

Clearly there are those in this world that are on a special diet due to the various health conditions they suffer from, such as Crohn's disease and other digestive problems. For those people many desserts are just simply off the menu. When you eat something and it causes severe pain and other issues then clearly you would want to stay away from them.

But it turns out there is a way to cook all of your favorite desserts, using substitute ingredients, and still have the same taste and texture as the original. For some though, these desserts may be the closest thing but not comparable to the real deal.

The fallacy of "low fat" or "low carb" food

Unfortunately many people mistakenly believe that by buying low fat or low carbohydrate products in the grocery store they are trying to eat healthy. Low fat products simply mean high in sugar for the rest of us. Other packaged foods are known to cause issues with harmful ingredients that can lead to cancer as well as other stomach ailments.

Buying prepackaged food from the grocery store is just not a healthy way to go; basically you really don't know what you are eating regardless if the ingredients are on the label. Cooking your meals at home, while more labor intensive, gives you a lot more control over how your food is prepared. That is truly the best way to go if you have any stomach problems.

Just imagine being able to impress people with your own recipes of the following dishes:

·         *Cheesecake with Berries
·         *Cookies
·         *Pound Cake
·         *Cupcakes
·         *Truffles
·         *Chocolate fondue

Those types of dishes are out of the range of many home cooks because let's be honest here, many people just reheat food and don't really cook the food. Learning how to cook those desserts in a truly healthy and satisfying way would dramatically help you or your other family members.

Shifting over to a gluten free diet

But you don't have to suffer from any gastrointestinal problems to enjoy these desserts. Perhaps you are training for a marathon or a bodybuilding competition and would still like to occasionally have a dessert. Using this book you could incorporate these desserts into your lifestyle and not really feel guilty about it. That is the whole point of guilt free desserts!

For instance many people love to have dessert and also lose weight. Eating glutens actually cause many people to gain weight. Some have argued that is the reason for our obesity problems in America, and they could very well be right about that. Eliminating or substituting some foods can cause dramatic changes in your overall body makeup.

These foods are not exactly "hidden" or secret but they are just not used in everyday cooking because people just simply don't know anything about them. Learning about these foods then can help you gain a wide range of cooking ingredients that you can use. Some of the substitutes are actually already in your cabinets right now; you just may not know that you could use them instead of those fattening or harmful ingredients.

The results you may experience could shock you!

Guilt free desserts
So what can you expect from changing your diet? Well many who have decided to go with a gluten free diet have experienced far fewer headaches, some have dropped 50 pounds, and others have success stories that are similar. If you suffer from chronic problems and you cannot really nail it down to any particular thing then it could be your diet.

While some may argue that our food has not changed over the years the simple fact of the matter is that with all of the industrialization of our food supply many ailments have been on the rise. As well more people are eating processed food today than they ever did back in 1950 or before. Those two factors alone indicate problems with the way we eat. Changing the way we eat then can lead to drastic changes in our overall health. It is just logical.

Eliminating or cutting down on sugar is one of the single biggest reasons why people have lost weight. But doing so means getting rid of that sweet taste that is the whole reason why you want to eat a dessert in the first place. However, there are several natural sugar substitutes that you can add to your food to make it taste sweet but not have the sugar high.

Excellent Bonuses are Provided!

The bonuses you receive with this product are pretty outstanding as well. For instance one of the biggest problems people have is eating too much bread and other processed starches. But there is another way. Just like there are substitutes for sugar and other additives there are ways to cook pizza, muffins, etc, without relying on the traditional methods.

But how do these recipes taste? I know that really is the ultimate question. To be honest these recipes will not taste exactly as the original simply because they are not the original, they are modified so they don't taste the same. That is just logical. But are they good enough or are they delicious? That really is up to your personal taste buds.

What many people don't understand that this book does not teach you just specific recipes but rather how to modify your existing recipes to be a lot healthier. Transitioning to a healthier diet takes time; it is a struggle for many around the world, so you should give yourself some slack if this is not instant.

As well a recipe is a guideline only, they can be modified and experimented with in order to find something more to your liking. But this will give you a solid base in order to be able to change your food habits and get on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.